Poverty & Inequality

Research on poverty and inequality is essential to the study of population diversity, family change, and the links between biology and health. CPC activities focus both domestically and as part of the university’s strength in international development. Current poverty and inequality research includes the following:


  • Food insecurity and food stamps
  • Poverty, stress, and childhood health
  • Non-traditional destinations: Who is moving where and why?
  • Beliefs about schooling and achievement and racial and economic inequality
  • Immigration, gender, and labor markets
  • Relationship between work-disability and poverty
  • Pay equity
  • Spatial inequality and population redistribution in post-Socialist Europe
  • Socio-economic impacts of immigration
  • Links between poverty and reproductive health outcomes in Africa
  • Racial segregation in rural America
  • Mexican migration to rural New York and “new immigration destinations” across the nation
  • Retirement in-migration in the US, Europe, and Japan
Cornell Population Center