More than 85 Ph.D. students from various graduate fields have affiliated with the CPC. Affiliation provides students with numerous resources and opportunities to develop demographic knowledge and skills.

Why Affiliate?

  • interact with students and faculty with wide-ranging interests in population studies
  • meet with visiting scholars who present CPC seminars
  • receive free computer consultations and training in the use of specialized software and data sets
  • receive travel funds for the annual Population Association of America meetings
  • sign up for the demography minor
  • help organize the annual student-run conference, bringing scholars from across the country to Cornell
  • participate in the annual CPC Encore Conference, showcasing CPC student and faculty presentations from annual meetings elsewhere

To affiliate, graduate students should click on the red “Become an Affiliate” button located at the bottom left corner of this web page. Please provide your name, e-mail address, graduate field, research interests, and your advisor’s name.

Graduate Student Reading Group
For each meeting, a participant will serve as the leader, providing 2 or 3 articles and/or chapters to read related to their topic of interest . This group will facilitate student exposure to a breadth of literature across all of population studies and also develop some cross-disciplinary links.

If you are interested in participating in the Reading Group, joining the listserv, or affiliation, please send your name, department, and general area of interest/specialty to Meg Cole.



CPC Student Affiliates

Applied Economics & Management
Sylvia Blom
Research interests: health; development
Maulik Jagnani
Research interests: development economics; behavioral economics; applied econometrics
Rhiannon Jerch
Research interests: labor economics; economics of inequality; public policy
City & Regional Planning
Sukhum Charoenkajonchai
Research interests: economic development of Asia; economic modeling
Jialie Chen
Research interests: regional and urban economics
Jae Beum Cho
Research interests: social capital; entrepreneurship; economic development; corporate demography
Yunji Kim
Research interests: local government; public services; community wellbeing; inequality; citizen participation
Daniel Kuhlmann
Research interests: land use; transportation; housing; public finance
Amanda Micklow
Research interests: demographic changes in the American suburb; intersection of gender, class and race in the built environment
Dafeng Xu
Research interests: migration; labor; economic demography; social networks
Design & Environmental Analysis
Kristin Aldred Cheek
Research interests: environments that support sustainable behavior
Development Sociology
Rodrigo Alatriste-Diaz
Research interests: US-Mexico migrations; immigrant youth
Omar Moussa Ali
Research interests: population dynamics; fertility transition; population and development in Africa
Amit Anshumali
Research interests: economic development; labor migration; transitions from agrarian to industrial employment
Paul Berry
Research interests: spatial inequality; rural-urban migration; life course analysis
Isha Bhatnagar
Research interests: fertility trends in India
Ashon Bradford
Research interests: social inequality; rural education; life chances
Emme Edmunds
Research interests: family planning policy and provision; health care services
Sneha Kumar
Research interests: international development; gender inequality; family demography; social policy
Olajumoke Warritay
Research interests: poverty; inequality
Jason Cook
Research interests: labor economics; economics of education; inequality studies
Angela Cools
Research interests: labor economics; urban economics; demography; economics of religion
Lawrence Jin
Research interests: health economics; behavioral economics; experimental economics
Miriam Larson-Koester
Research interests: gender labor economics
Daniel Lau
Research interests: health economics; education; public finance
Jaesun Lee
Research interests: behavioral economics; public economics
Corbin Miller
Research interests: family demography; family health
Ross Milton
Research interests: public economics; labor economics
Naveen Sunder
Research interests: development economics; applied econometrics; policy analysis
Caroline Walker
Research interests: economics of education; labor economics; inequality
Barton Willage
Research interests: health; public policy
Qi Wu
Research interests: family and children; fertility decisions; female labor participation
Hajer Al-Faham
Research interests: immigration; identity politics; citizenship
AshLee Smith Garrett
Research interests: public/social policy; inequality; poverty; race and ethnicity
Delphia Shanks
Research interests: poverty and inequality; social policy
Gaurav Toor
Research interests: migration; inequality; ethnicity; conflict in African countries
Human Development
William DeFraine
Research interests: behavioral economics; cognitive control; emotion and cognition interactions
Elise Paul
Research interests: developmental psychology of suicidality and its associated mental illnesses
Qingfang Song
Research interests: child socio-emotional development; culture and memory; well being
Natural Resources
Shun Chonabayashi
Research interests: environmental economics; development economics; climate change
Chuan Liao
Research interests: geospatial analysis; field ecology; pastoralism; community development
Nirav Patel
Research interests: role of community perception, specifically the attitudes of educators and students towards RES and its impact on assessing REL
Nutritional Science
Tara Agrawal
Research interests: food security, obesity, and inequality
David E. Brown
Research interests: nutrition; meat consumption
Lanre Omotayo
Research interests: population health evaluation; child health in sub-saharan Africa
Elaine Yu
Research interests: infectious diseases; nutrition; limited resource environments
Policy Analyisis & Management
Mariana Amorim
Research interests: criminal policies; family policy; social stratification
Marisa Carlos
Research interests: health economics; health insurance; health disparities
Christine Coyer
Research interests: health economics; health behaviors; maternal and child health
Amanda Eng
Research interests: public economics; labor economics
Tatiana Padilla
Research interests: migration and social issues; labor exportation and brain drain; movement across non-traditional borders
Emily Parker
Research interests: health; housing; inequality
Jeffrey Swigert
Research interests: public economics; economics of the family; economics of education; health economics
Xiaolu Wang
Research interests: industrial organization; health economics; public finance
Sherry (Xing) Zhang
Research interests: health behaviors; health disparities
Benjamin Ruisch
Research interests: how information supports preexisting beliefs; how reminders influence people
Regional Science
Karina Acosta
Research interests: demography; development economics; nutrition
Fernando Plascencia
Research interests: experimental economics; behavioral economics; social networks
Andres Castano Zuluaga
Research interests: regional labor markets; regional economics; economics of education; health economics
Kyle Albert
Research interests: inequality; work and occupations; organizations
Meg Bea
Research interests: finance and inequality; economic sociology; social stratification
Rachel Behler
Research interests: health; inequality; social networks; economic sociology
Bridget Brew
Research interests: inequality; social stratification; race
Mauricio Bucca
Research interests: inequality; social mobility; poverty; and quantitative methods
Alexandra Cooperstock
Research interests: education; inequality; stratification; social mobility; poverty; life course
Brady (Alex) Currit
Research interests: social stratification; social networks; and health
Lucas Drouhot
Research interests: immigration; ethnicity; identity
Allison Dwyer Emory
Research interests: family and social policy; social and demographic impacts of incarceration on neighborhood and family dynamics
Jocelyn Fischer
Research interests: family; gender; the labor market
Maria Ramirez Flores
Research interests: inequality; education; gender
Alyssa Goldman
Research interests: sociology of health; social networks; aging; social stratification
Lauren Griffin
Research interests: gender; family; labor markets; inequality
Emily Hoagland
Research interests: gender inequality; politics and leadership; money
Lisha Liu
Research interests: economic sociology; social stratification; organizations
Yuanyuan Liu
Research interests: inequality and stratification; economic sociology; quantitative methodology
Yuqi Lu
Research interests: inequality studies
Paul Muniz
Research interests: American urban homelessness and precarious housing; race and education; social stratification
Emily Taylor Poppe
Research interests: social stratification; sociology of law; research methods
Chan Suk Suh
Research interests: political sociology; social movements; social inequality
Youngmin Yi
Research interests: inequality; social stratification; family; transitions to adulthood


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